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by earth guide on Aug.26, 2017, under Green News

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be conducive to precision of thought as well as expression if we

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he collected the material for his Goulstonian lectures on malig-

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Moon, Cotham; Robert Whiteman McQuay, Foxwarren, Man;

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was quite marked. Indeed, some of the worst cases of rickets that

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A shrub about 5 m. high, with shining, few nerved, usually purplish,

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pox, 2; tuberculosis, 52; chicken-pox, 64; whooping cough, 20;

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Captain W. L. Silcox, Captain W. F. Nicholson and J. H. G. Eccles,

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One man with compound fracture in the middle third of the right

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Colonel Gardner that the Charter be amended in regard to the

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Donald Thomas Fraser, Harold Parrish Hamilton, Maurice R.

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monary tuberculosis is a valuable aid in the treatment, when used

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(1859) 493; F.-Vill. Nov. App. (1S83) 315; Vidal Phan. Cuming. Philip. (1885)

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from a .simple lacerated, ectropial, granular, or cystic state of this

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Decades Philip. Forest Fl., coll Borden , July. In thickets Mow 100 ni., widely

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determine all the material collected within its limits, the present paper


view of the fact that the nerves are usually only stretched his

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near the seashore. Tropical Asia to Japan and Java.

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and twelve thousand upwards of twenty times. Why this failure

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is that tissue-inspiration should be so regarded. We have evidence

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Goodall's holds out I am sure we will all be very glad indeed. In

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Reduced to S. meUmgena Linn., by Clarke, but quite different from the cul-

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nervous system. On the strength of these experiments it will not

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examined. Louria, in addition to the B. coli, found staphylococcus

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severe haemorrhages occured with terminal symptoms, the patient

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liquid paraffin introduced through the stomach tube. At no time

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in life as they found it that they were oblivious to all that had gone

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terms of protective reaction. The principal ideas brought forth

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tuberculous lung conditions; some may be easily broken down with

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auricular fibrillation. The pulse rate is 95-100, the blood pressure

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which frequently occurs in acidosis in infancy. In my experience

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(1231, 1422, 1796i, 3065 Borden) June, May; (2509 MerHll) June; (1339

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and that the plain duty of the Council was to grant registration

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copicis majoribus, 9 mm. longis, 5 mm. latis, in segmentis setaceis pro-

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held at Ottawa on June 8th, under the presidency of Dr. Thornton.

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was inserted beside the common duct drain to provide for any

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On May 17th, when I last saw him, the signs of thrombosis

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way into the Pharmacopoeia, and this is unaccountable, for the firm

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The disease is frequently fatal. It is diagnosed by the finding of

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t. 268; F.-Vill. Nov. App. (1883) 318; Vidal Rev. PI. Vase. Filip. (1880) 289;

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