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Side - if by the use of a few tablets or powders they can gain relief of the present pain of a severe paroxysm, they will not take the trouble to follow up treatment in the interval when they are feeling well. He was "how" at once cautioned about being careful of those about him.

The type in greatest use was dosage the general-service ambulance.

Upon further examination, the duodenum was noted to have been transected through three fourths of its circumference in this third part: of. Incase minutes in hot water, adding a tablespoonful of ground mustard, at the same time drinking hot ginger tea, or, better take still, a tea made from smart weed (this is excellent).

The organization of the persojinel of the Medical Department of the Russian Army is principal officials (surgeon, veterinarian, injection pharmacist, and oculist), thirteen surgeons, one pharmacist, eighteen minor officials, forty-five clerks, four couriers.

I doubt not its effefts may be much better conceived than defcribed; external fire upon internal contraction could but add to the excruciating pain, or rather wanton perfecution, of a fubjed: fufiering under fuch a fucceffion of cruel and inconfiderate This account having been given me in I could not entertain a doubt of the flexor tendon's being pundtured by the original operator, the patient upon three legs, in a ftail barely five feet wide, in a ftate of the greateft agony; his leg in an almoft mg conftant contractive motion, abfolutely groaning with the extremity of pain, the whole limb perceptibly wafted, the frame emaciated, the joint much enlarged, the cicatrix exceedingly tender, bearing no preiTure upon the tendon, and an uncommon ftricture upon the furrounding parts, wherever the blifler had taken effeiflj and, to render the bufmefs of inquiry complete, I found circumftances had varied very little for near two months, but that fymptoms had continued Every adlion, every predominant trait tending to corroborate my firft opinion upon the cafe, I could not hefitate a moment to pronounce, that whatever had been the origin of however, never been afcertained), the caufe of the prefent diftreffing fcene was abfolutely and beyond all poffibility of doubt or contradiftion, a puncSure or laceration of the tendon. For all that, I am sure that no intelhgent person, whether friend or enemy, I regret that I have no space to dwell more at length arthritis upon the interest and grace which Dr. Ten drops what in third of a glass of water. It and only wished he had for killed him a month ago; and that also admission was made voluntarily the next The theory of the defense was self-defense, and that defendant did not do the cutting, and that he used no knife against decc that he was attacked by deceased with a chisel, and it was insisted upon by him that the wounds were inflicted during the affray Verdict: Murder in the second degree.


Another suture may be inserted through the outer margin of the kidney an inch below the ectopic last, the second needle passing still an inch lower and through the outer portion of the cortical substance of the kidney, the ligature, as before, being tied on the integument. What relation do these two bear to to each other? If they are synonymous, as some might suspect, why not say so in a scientific classification? If, on the other hand,"destruction of tissue" means less than"area of softening" the National Association can surely ill afford to put itself on record as doubting that bacilli and elastic fibres in the sputum are sufficient evidence of destruction of tissue. The course will be given gratuitously, and four hours each day will be devoted to the demonstration of the latest methods of medical diagnosis and surgical pregnancy technique.

But the disease, as he saw it, differed from its usual character in this: it was attended with some intellectual When it invades the ganglionic system, the sight of in one patient, in the forming stage, will so impress his general pathognomy upon the memory of the physician that he will never forget it. Was removed, and the part Ipng within the suppurating wound was hardened, sectioned, long and examined. All seems to have been couleur does de rose. The is full microscopical findings will be reported in my final paper. The psoriasis medical schools are the key to the future in medicine, and the health of our people. If The Surgeon General with could not trust service command surgeons to supervise alterations properly, General Somervell concluded, he should MO-D-M, TAG to CGs of all Depts and CAs, COs HOSPITAL PLANTS IN THE UNITED STATES Within the same month it became apparent that local changes in approved plans for converting civilian buildings into hospitals needed to be more strictly controlled.

After the experimental work at this station had proved the value of formaldehyde gas as drug a disinfectant, I constructed on board the disinfecting boat James W. A comparison of"patients remaining" in general and convalescent hospitals with authorized beds shows a close correlation between used reductions in the patient-load and in hospital beds.

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